Silk-Screen Frame Pillowcases – How To

Go raid your linen closet, because this project is super simple and will dress up any pillowcase. Once you’re done with this project, anyone who rests their head on your pillowcase will feel like a work of art. I haven’t had the chance to try this yet on throw pillows, but love the thought of a row of frames lining my couch as well as my bed.

The process is simple. The only hard part is being patient enough to wait the few extra hours you will need for drying time.


  • freezer paper
  • Elmer’s glue
  • fabric or acrylic paint
  • sponge brush or brayer for applying paint
  • plastic bags

Use the freezer paper to create a stencil over your pillow case. Roll out a piece long enough to cover the entire pillowcase. My freezer paper was just exactly wide enough to cover my pillowcase from top to bottom.

Fold the freezer paper in quarters and draw one quarter of a frame shape using a sharpie. Snip out your shape and discard the frame, but keep the inside and outside. Remember, you are making a stencil. Unfold the freezer paper and arrange it on your pillowcase, waxy side down. The fabric of the pillowcase should show through only where the frame will be painted.

Lightly iron the freezer paper so it sticks onto the fabric.

Slide a plastic bag between the layers of the pillowcase to avoid glue and paint from oozing through to both layers. If freezer paper edges peel away slightly from the fabric, don’t worry, you should be okay.

Now comes the fun part. Use your Elmer’s glue to drizzle out decorations for your frame.

Allow glue to dry.


Using your brayer or sponge brush, apply paint over the fabric. If you have some edges of the freezer paper that have begun to peel away from the fabric, you can still keep a crisp line. Just start painting from the freezer paper and sponge the paint gently onto the fabric. My favorite method ended up being to use a sponge brush to pat on paint, then stroke the paint even.

Once the paint just begins to dry, pull away the freezer paper. Allow the paint to dry completely according to package directions. I left mine overnight just to be safe.

It’s time to see the final results of your work. Gently place the pillowcase in a pitcher of water and allow it to soak for an hour or two to soften the glue.

Pull out your pillow case and bring it to the sink. Under running water, gently rub away the glue.

Allow your pillowcases a to dry, and you’re done. Your pillows are now ready to hold any masterpiece.