Design Your Own Cloth Napkins – How-To

For a modern, impromptu party, I wanted to dress up my current cloth napkins (that had sorry red wine stains on them!). Rather than dye them completely, I chose a striped tie-dye technique using nothing more than rubbing alcohol and a sharpie. Here’s how:

1. Scribble (yes, scribble!) a series of stripes onto a cloth napkin. Get creative! I’d recommend an ombre technique with colored sharpies if you have those on hand.

2. Using your eye dropper, drip rubbing alcohol sparingly on the outer edges of each stripe. For a messier effect, use a generous amount of rubbing alcohol. Watch the ink seep into all areas of the napkin, creating a modernized tie-dye effect!

3. Wait until the rubbing alcohol is completely dry (this step is important, as rubbing alcohol is flammable). Then, throw the napkin into your dryer to set the dye.

4. Voila! A custom party napkin to suit your decor.

Happy eating!

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