Paint Chip Mobile – How-To

Paint Chip Mobile 1

Paint Chip Mobile 3

Wooden knitting ring
Assorted paint chip samples in colors of your choosing
Spray adhesive (optional)
Circle punch
Sewing machine

Paint Chip Mobile 4

Punch out piles of circles from your paint chips samples. I had about 20 circles in each of the 5 colors.

Paint Chip Mobile 5

Paint chips are one-sided so you’ll have to either glue two together or sew them together when you’re making your strings of circles. Sewing them together when you’re making your strings of colors proved to make more sense to me.

Paint Chip Mobile 6

Line them up in piles next to your machine the way you’d like them to hang from the mobile. Take two of the same color and hold them together right sides facing out.

Paint Chip Mobile 7

Hold them together and run a running stitch through the middle on your machine making sure to start with plenty of string at the beginning since we’ll be using that string to tie it to the mobile when we’re done. Grab two more of the next color and do the same, continuing until you’ve used all of your colors once. Cut it off and start again with another strand. I made about 10 strands total.

Paint Chip Mobile 8

Remove the inner section of the wooden knitting ring (by loosening the knob). Tape each of the strands to the inside of the outside ring. Make sure they’re evenly spaced around the circle.

Paint Chip Mobile 9

Cut four pieces of string or fishing wire, tie and tape them evenly around the circle as well. Gather and tie them in a knot at the top, being carefully to make sure the mobile hangs evenly.

Paint Chip Mobile 2

Tie another long piece of string or wire to the knot and attach to a nail on the ceiling to hang.

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