Interchangeable Cupcake Stands – How To

Here’s a quick project that will let you transform a set of thrifted candlesticks into bright, happy treat stands for your next shindig. You can use any candlestick you fall in love with at the thrift store, and then, because the plates are fastened by screwing in a drawer pull, you can use interchangeable plates. And my favorite part, once you unscrew the plates, an entire set stores away easily in your cupboard.

The shopping is really the best part. Here’s the list of what you’re looking for.

Supplies & equipment:

1. Set of thrifted candlesticks. I often find candlesticks at the thrift store that can be disassembled and have a hole all the way through the middle. To find out if a candlestick can do this, just pick one up at the thrift store and try to unscrew. But hole or no hole, any candlestick will work. On my last thrifting trip I fell in love with some sticks that did not have a hole through the middle, I discovered I could still make my stand interchangeable by finding a…

2. Cork that fits snugly into your candlestick. (You need this only if your candlestick does not have a hole all the way through the middle).

3. Drawer pull that lets you take out the screw. I picked up mine at Lowe’s.

4. Allthread that fits your drawer pull. This just looks like a really long screw with no head or point. To make sure it fits my drawer pull, I try screwing it in right in the isles of Lowe’s.

5. Nuts and washers.

6. A few fun melamine plates. I picked up mine at Target.

7. Primer and paint, if you choose. I love Krylon.

6. A hack saw and drill. A wood bit works perfectly for drilling into melamine.


1. Paint. If you’re planning to paint the candlestick, disassemble it, prime, and paint.

2. Drill. Tape the plate in the center and drill through your taped spot. Take it slow and easy to avoid cracking the plate.

3. Cut your allthread. Use a hack saw to cut your allthread to the length you’ll need. Cut carefully so you don’t ruin the thread and are still able to screw a bolt or your drawer pull onto the end.

4. Add a cork. If your candlestick does not have a hole all the way down the middle, wedge in a cork where the candle would go. Make sure it is a snug fit. Cut off any overhang. You want to make sure the plate will rest evenly against the top of the candlestick. Drill a hole in the center of the cork where the drawer pull with screw in.

5. Assemble. Now you get to thread your whole creation together. If your candlestick has a hole down the middle, put the washer and screw at the bottom, then thread the allthread through your candlestick piece, then add the plate, and finally, screw on the drawer pull at the top. If you are using a cork, simply screw one end of the allthread into the drawer pull, then put the other end through the hole in the plate and screw it into the cork in the candlestick.

That’s it. Your stands are ready to make your table very festive.

And once the party is done and the guests go home, your stands tuck away easily in your cupboard to wait for the next party.

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