Rick Rack Dish Towels by Anneliese


A fresh set of dishtowels with a handmade touch looks pretty while working hard—just like the domestic divas on your giving list.

While dishtowels perform an obvious function in the kitchen, they are also an easy and restrained way to give a nod to the seasons, or the latest fashion palette. Make them for friends, sisters or mothers-in-law in holiday colors or their favorite combination.


Sewing a set is easy. Start with a set of sturdy, 100% cotton dishtowels in a flat or waffle weave. Then pick 3 to 4 types of rick rack. You’ll need 1-1.5 yards of each depending on the width of your towels. Lay out the rick rack on your towels to find the arrangement you like–varying the size of the rick rack will make your embellishment more interesting.

Starting with the rick rack you are placing at the bottom of the towel, finish the end of your rick rack with a zigzag stitch, turn it under .5” and wrap it around the backside of the towel. Pin to hold in place.

Stitch down the center of the rick rack keeping the trim parallel to the hem of the towel. (I find “eyeballing” this to be as good a method as any.) When you come to the end of the towel pause a couple inches from the edge and cut the rick rack an inch longer than the towel. Fold the raw edge of the rickrack under .25” and wrap around to the backside of the towel. Continue stitching to the end and backstitch to finish.

Repeat these steps with the other 2 or 3 types of rick rack you are using, keeping the trim and stitching lines parallel.

Wrap with a bow and give!

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