Cocoa Customization Kit by Megan Reardon

This Cocoa Customization Kit is a simple stocking stuffer that will help transform the ever present hot chocolate mix.

Included are decorated wooden stir sticks.

You can fill plastic tube containers with anything good to mix or dunk
in a cup of cocoa. Here is what I included:

– Marshmallows, everybody likes extras.
– Drinking chocolate to make that cup of hot chocolate extra rich, we
used 2 teaspoons per mug. (Look for the fine shavings, cocoa powder
will clump.)
– Crushed candy canes.
– Malted milk powder (we liked 1 teaspoon per mug).
– Miniature shortbread cookies (these were my favorite).
– Chocolate dipped candy cane sticks or miniature candy canes.
– Wafer cookies.

I labeled the tubes with instructions for how much to use.

To decorate the stir sticks I simply used thread and some silver washi tape. You can use just about anything, but I think like the mini jingle bells the best.

If you are giving this to an adult a little bottle of booze to mix in might be appreciated. We liked half a bottle added to a mug. The whipped cream flavored vodka shown here was interesting but I think I’ll stick with peppermint schnapps.

I simply used a rubber band to hold the tubes together and wrapped a ribbon around the outside. Enjoy!